FAI-AR and IN SITU present

The first MOOC dedicated to artistic creation in public space

The project

How to define artistic creation in public space?
What are its scenographic, dramaturgical, and relational specificities?
How to write for public spaces?


This MOOC offers you a four-week learning experience combining tools and stimuli to improve both an understanding of artistic creation and to facilitate becoming stakeholders in public space.

As you progress, you will discover artworks designed for public spaces, understand their highly particular relationship to spaces, and their specificities in terms of writing and relationship with the public. Methodological tools and practical exercises will help you to put these concepts into practice by immersing you into the role of a creative artist.

Numerous European artists and professionals in the field will assist you in this course of action, sharing their experiences and know-how regarding artistic creation.


The program

1 week, one focus
• introduction to aesthetics, history and institutions,
• specific dramaturgical issues,
• location scouting and in situ writing methodology,
• understanding issues related to the relationships with the audience.

Key figures
• Up to 3 hours per week of learning (recommended),
• 15 hours of videos,
• more than a 100 examples of artistic projects,
• around 30 interviews of international professionals
... But also learning activities, a discussion forum between participants, additional resources to go further.


Who are these courses designed for?

Free and bilingual (French-English), this MOOC is primarily intended for artists and cultural stakeholders interested in the arts in public space. It is moreover open to all those curious about wishing to discover or deepen their knowledge in this field. No prerequisites are necessary.


How to participate?

The launching of the MOOC is announced on 09-09-2019 and the registration from July 2019. In the meantime, however, you can keep updated about the project’s progress on this website, by signing up to the newsletter.


Camille Fourès | info(at)createinpublicspace.com
+33 (0)4 91 69 74 67


Cité des arts de la rue
225 avenue des Aygalades

The Team

Educational Coordination

Jean-Sébastien Steil, director of FAI-AR
Camille Fourès, project manager at FAI-AR
Pépita Car, project manager at FAI-AR


Editorial Team

Claudine Dussolier, international projects manager and publishing director
Anne Gonon, author, journalist and critic
Marie Reverdy, dramaturg and teacher at Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 University (France)
Mark Denbigh, production manager at Norfolk & Norwich festival (The United Kingdom)
Jean-Sébastien Steil


Training Resources

Laureline Saintemarie, coordinator for lifelong learning - FAI-AR
Nadia Aguir, coordinator of the IN SITU platform – Lieux Publics
Maxime Demartin, communication officer of the IN SITU platform
Marc Sayous, - head of documentation at ARTCENA
Sébastien Cotte, Géry Sanchez, Project Managers at ARTCENA

And all SITU partners:

Artopolis Association / PLACCC Festival (Hungary), Atelier 231 / Festival Viva Cité(France), CIFAS (Belgium), Čtyři dny / 4+4 Days in Motion(Czech Republic), FAI-AR (France), Freedom Festival (United Kingdom), Kimmel Center (The United States of America), Metropolis(Denmark), La Paperie (France), La Strada Graz (Austria), Les Tombées de la Nuit (France), Lieux publics (France), Norfolk & Norwich Festival(United Kingdom), Teatri ODA (Kosovo), Theater op de Markt (Belgium), On the Move(Belgium), Østfold kulturutvikling (Norway), Oerol Festival (The Netherlands), Terni Festival (Italy), UZ Arts (United Kingdom).


Design, Multimedia, and Communication

Renaud Vercey, multimedia director
Adrien Bargin, graphic designer
Amélie Féraud, communication officer at FAI-AR


Consulting company in e-learning

Alternative Formation, educational engineering consulting


And the entire FAI-AR team for development support.

The Stakeholders


Overall coordination, educational engineering, editorial management, and production
Marseille, France

FAI-AR is the model school in Europe devoted to artistic creation in public space. It offers a 22-month specialized training course for students from superior arts training institutions and experienced performers of all nationalities who have decided to assert their position as artistic creators and promoters of projects in public space. FAI-AR’s function is to provide them the knowledge, skills, and professional know-how and to assist them in their artistic approach.

One-of-a-kind, FAI-AR also meets a demand for continuous training and educational engineering: it offers short courses, workshops, and master-classes for artists and professional technicians. Some of these activities have an international dimension and are part of partnership agreements linked to developing the sector of art in public space in partner countries: manager training, coach training, and skills transfer.




Artistic expertise and targeting resources
European platform operated from Marseille, France

IN SITU is the pan-European platform for artistic creation in public space. Since 2003, it has assisted more than 200 artists working outside conventional venues, and contributed to transforming the regions. Its core activities revolve around support systems for artistic creation and its dissemination in public spaces –– transnational workshops and art laboratories, European and international artists’ residencies, and collective coaching for pilot artistic projects. IN SITU is operated by Lieux publics, a European pole and national centre for artistic creation in public space (France); it brings together twenty partners and four associated partners from sixteen countries.
The Massive Online Open Course “Create in Public Space” was instigated as part of the IN SITU ACT 2016–2020 project, funded with support from the European Commission.




Targeting and generating resources, co-editing the glossary
Paris, France

ARTCENA is a open and vibrant gathering place whose primary objective is to reinforce the foundation and development of circus arts, street arts, and theatre.
ARTCENA’s mission has three focal points:

  • Sharing knowledge through the creation of a digital reference portal and publishing.
  • Assistance for professionals by providing them with advice and training;
  • Support for exposing the various arts sectors through various mechanisms that encourage promotion, creativity (assistance in creating dramatic texts, Grands Prix), and international development (Circostrada, Contexto ...).