Marlène Llop au Panorama des chantiers 2015 © FAI-AR - Augustin Le Gall

Create in public space The MOOC platform dedicated to artistic creation in public space


To understand the specifics
of public space

Create in public space

For the first time, the Create in Public Space MOOC brings together theoretical and practical knowledge on artistic creation in public space. It is the fruit of nearly two years of work made possible thanks to the collaboration and experience of the European network IN SITU, ARTCENA, the French national centre for circus arts, street arts and theatre, and a range of European artists and professionals.

What is public space? Why do artists choose to work in these unconventional places? How do they use these spaces around the world? What kinds of legislation and technical characteristics do professionals have to take into account?

We propose around 15 hours of videos will be made available to learners to answer these questions

Culturals rights in public space

Public spaces are never neutral or devoid of meaning: the narratives or representations attributed to these places or to the people who live there, social, gender, or cultural norms, power dynamics at play between certain groups of people or at the political level all have effects on the possible uses and appropriations of these spaces.

The MOOC “Cultural Rights in Public Space” opens up the field of cultural rights to artistic creation in public space. Produced in partnership with Réseau Culture 21 and the European network IN SITU, it will address seven major issues fueled by lessons and interviews with artists and professionals.

For who ?

The course targets artists around the world who are interested in creating and thinking about art in public space. It may also interest cultural planners and programmers, institutional managers, elected officials and staff working for local authorities. It is open to anyone who is interested. No prerequisites are required.
For accessibility reasons, all our videos are subtitled and transcripts in French and English are available.

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Which pedagogy ?

Each course represents about 3 hours of personal work divided between the viewing of videos and activities to confirm the understanding. To put into practice the concepts discussed during the courses some quizzes and personal work punctuate the lessons. A certification of achievement is issued upon successful completion of all courses

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