From September 2019 to June 2020, several thousand users followed this MOOC, forming an invisible community of interest around creation in public space. Who are they? How did they follow Create in public space? What did they get out of it?

Download the evaluation report

In order to evaluate the results of Create in public space and its reception by users, a qualitative survey parallel to the quantitative survey was product. This evaluation work, which includes online forms shared with users and a series of targeted qualitative interviews. You can download this public report here.

A few figures

6400 people have created a user account, from 126 countries: audiences cover all 5 continents!
Learners are mostly women (73% female).
They are between 12 and 80 years old, with an average age of 38.
This is a sectorial public, since 40% are artists, 36% are cultural professionals, and 10% are art students.

Of the total number of users, 1400 have actually taken the course. Among them, 440, representing 32%, obtained the final certificate of success, issued for at least 90% of completion.

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Different modes of consultation

Working Groups

The vast majority of users have followed the MOOC individually, but several organizations in Canada, the United Kingdom and Spain chose to organize working groups around it, for a total audience of about 300 people.

They experimented several formats:

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MOOC as a complement to training interventions

At FAI-AR, we also use the MOOC in addition to specific training courses: for example, students in applied dramaturgy course view the MOOC before they come. They thus acquire common references and vocabulary which then allow them to go further during the training.

We offer many specialized internships in the fields of creation in public space: new dramaturgies of the arts in public space, technical production in public space, vertical dance, acting in the city, special effects, elaboration and construction of models… these training courses can be adapted to a specific demand, and can be articulated with the follow-up of the MOOC Create in public space. They can take place in French or in English, in Marseille or in your premises.

Would you like to know more about the experiences of working groups around MOOC? Would you like to organise a specific training course in connection with the FAI-AR? Please contact us!