Forum rules

This forum is a place for everyone to express their views. Please express yourself here in a spirit of respect for the rights and opinions of all users. 

The forum gives you a space to discuss and debate themes that are suggested by the forum organisers, related to the “Create in Public Space” MOOC. Use the forum to read other people’s messages or take part in the conversation.

The information you provide us with will only be used to manage the forum and its use. Under no circumstances will your data be disclosed to any third parties without your prior consent, unless legally required.

You can use a pseudonym of your own choice on the forum, within the following guidelines: no pseudonyms relating to insults or offensive language or which evoke words, situations or practices that are obscene, lewd, sexual in nature, offensive or incompatible with human dignity. Likewise, no pseudonyms that could cause confusion as to the identity of message writers, their capacity or qualifications, and no pseudonyms that directly or indirectly refer to a protected trademark, whether or not the use of the pseudonym is derogatory.  

You have the right to access, modify, rectify and erase any personal data held about you, in accordance with Article 34 of the French data protection act of 6 January 1978. You can at any time request deletion of your posts on the discussion forum. Any requests concerning the right to access, modify and rectify personal data must be sent by post, along with proof of the identity of the person or organisation exercising the right to access and rectification, as mentioned in the “Legal Notice” section of the forum.

Anyone is free to participate in the form. However, by signing up and posting any message, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the conditions for forum use. 

When you post a message, it can be read by all users of the “Create in Public Space” MOOC. Since you are responsible for your posts, you are advised to be careful and measured in what you write. 

Contributions posted in a forum must be related to the suggested discussion topics.

This is a pre-moderated forum, which means that your messages will not be posted straight away, but will first be read by the moderator(s), who have the sole and exclusive right to decide whether a message should be published. The fact that a posted message has been published does not in any way diminish your responsibility for the message content. The forum moderators and organisers reserve the right to delete messages at any time. 

Messages that are not related to the discussion themes or the purpose of the forum may be deleted by the moderators without prior notice. Any posts that fall into the following categories will also be deleted, without prejudice to any further disciplinary or legal proceedings:

1. incitement to racial, sexual or religious discrimination, hatred, violence, racism or revisionism,
2. incitation to criminal activity,
3. offensive or immoral posts,
4. condonement of crime, especially murder, rape, war crimes or crimes against humanity,
5. offensive, defamatory, insulting or lewd posts,
6. infringement of the rights of others, especially posts that detract from the honour or reputation of another person,
7. clearly commercial or promotional posts with no relation to the forum topic.

The use of a pseudonym does not mean that your posts are anonymous. By law, internet service providers must keep and provide to the judicial authorities any connection data (login, IP address, date & time) that could enable offenders to be prosecuted. All necessary information will thus be stored for the statutory time period, and then deleted following expiry of the statutory storage period.

The forum organisers reserve the right to temporarily or definitively exclude any person whose posts contravene the rules laid out herein. The organisers are entitled to pass on to the police or judicial authorities any evidence or documents posted on the forum if they believe it is their duty or legal obligation to inform the competent authorities.