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briefly describe the artistic piece: Leeds West Indian carnival parade 2017: 50th anniversary of the oldest , most authentic Caribbean carnival in Europe. A long parade of mobile sound systems on trucks with some decoration -floats, followed by troupes of dancers performing plus some large scale costumes performing- some traditional carnival folklore characters, some dutty mas with mud/chocolate interactions some T shirt groups-mass participation and some individual spectacular creations, performances
Identify aspects that you consider key in audience interaction (e.g. dramaturgy, scenography or technical mechanisms). Dramaturgy was specific interaction with large scale costumes performers intensely walking up to audience, sometimes encouraging them to dance, touch their costumes or pose for selfy photographs or responding to audience applause, shouting to them, rushing to them for engagement- photo or dance. Technical mechanisms where sometimes large props- hand held to touch or reach audiences and certainly glamour/glitz of feathers,sequins etc to attract audience eye and gaze as part of spectacle and the scale of the work in particular. Sometimes flesh and bare skin is used in a sexualised manner and responds to erotic moves and flirtacious dancing, wining and liming with other known audience members or partners by both men and women participants drawing audiences into performance and engagement