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Hello to all,

I saw the memorable piece ‘Intimate Safari’ by the Opera Pagaï in ‘Les Rencontres d’Arlès 2013’. Through different windows of the neighborhood, the viewer can observe the routine of the ordinary (or the extraordinary) of our private lives. The people inside the houses become the scene of these intimate scenes, the idea behind it’s ​​like a city safari, as if a society we were human reserves with behaviors not so different from animals. With a duration from one hour to two hours, this walk-show is rewritten each time according to the different places and the different participants. Mixing fiction and reality, I was amazed as I couldn’t be sure I was witnessing a performance or the reality of daily life, experimenting the ambiguity between the true and the false. By shifting the gaze towards the private, I totally felt voyeristic, even though I liked the transgression. At the time I didn’t realize the imposture, so afterwards I felt this piece is full of humor and impertinence, reminding me to keep my eyes open.