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1. Spontaneous Library Party
public intervention (posted by Schalker)
This intervention would fit under the umbrella of performance art combined with elements of social activism, as its purpose was to raise awareness about the danger of extinction that the city public library is facing.
The location of course is public, and the action is directly linked to the space as it was designed based on the situation that the public library is facing. It could not take place somewhere else.
Then the participation of the audience who are basicaly passers-by is key to the execution of the action. The artist and her team need to convince them on the spot to donate their time and be part of the surprise party, and from the video it looks like they did a fantastic job.
I like this type of public intervention, as it succeeds to be humorous and at the same time deliver a message about a social matter related to civic life. It creates a very positive memory to the participants who are likely to then consider spending more time in the public library, as well as share this random experience with their peers.