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If fish talked about ‘tardeo’

Since 2008, ‘tardeo’ has transferred nightlife in the afternoon of the weekends reconfiguring the spatial and temporal flows of the center of Alicante. Ten years later, the Mediterranean Aquarium, located around the Tardeo, closed due to low sustainability and the death of dozens of fish.

Three ephemeral actions built a new Interpretation Center from which to explore the relationships and tensions between the afternoon and the aquarium, based on testimonies and realities of agents involved in these two ecosystems linked to leisure.

The trophic chain of any ecosystem establishes the alimentary relations between the different animal species. With ENXARXATS, the different Tardeo habitat agents drew up the ecosystem interpretation panel, incorporating a subjective and partial look at the interpretation of the festive phenomenon, surrounded by controversy over the nuisances that physical and acoustic occupation cause the neighborhood.

A roundtable discussion was held around the neighborhood, businessmen of the hospitality and academics as Jose María Torres Nadal (Architecture PhD) or Alejandro Mantecón (Sociology PhD) of the University of Alicante to discuss among them the various perspectives of the habitat generated around the practice of Tardeo.

If nature observation centers are usually landed huts as a UFO in natural ecosystems, the Tardeo Interpretation Center is a mobile brunette fish transported by a dozen people. Between the Central Market – the origin of the Tardeo – and the Aquarium of the Plaça Nova, ALLIBERADES traveled with an audio guide to the Tardeo festive landscapes.

One of the main characteristics of Tardeo is that it ensures a quiet and festive atmosphere. The introduction of a disruptive element such as the moray eel-a piece of cardboard of eight meters long drawn with parametric design by Salva Serrano-generated a new alteration. If the fish were observed in the Aquarium, now the afternoons are studied from the inside of the moray eel.