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Workshop Migrar> (Immigrants-it was translated like this in 2015 Seoul, Korea where i saw the performance) by Kamchatka Theatre.
Immigrants with suitcases and wearing heavy and dark colored coats, hats wonder around in this new city -seoul. They look like aliens who just approached earth for the first time – very confused, do not know what to do, but do as what they want to do. They cross the street not by the cross walk, but just pop out anywhere. They stand on huge flower vases. They even hop on to a bus without even paying !
In my case, It was the smile the actor showed me that was the most powerful emotional transition I had experienced in my whole life ! I was just passing by and found a foreigner grandpa who looked extremely confused, so I went closer to see if i can help him. When I got closer, I found his friends were there as well. I got so confused (I did no nothing about arts in public space at that time…) and kept standing behind him. And all of a sudden that grandpa(?) turned around and smiled at me ! and something reached me like a wave from sea. It was the most emotional interaction I have ever got.