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Lucky Chen

G20 Summit- 1000 Gestalten in Humaburg, 2017
Discipline: participatory (civic participation within artistic creation)
Theme: collective awakening to similar issue
Location: street, the organizer transform the common street scene ‘crowd of white working classes’ into ‘crowd of indifferent people covered by the dust’ to intrigue the curiosity and linkage of audience
Audience: the road is temporarily closed, the audiences are scattered on the sidewalk. The sidewalk becomes the stage. The performer (muddied people) is the metaphor of the audience on the street.

The Missing Voice by Janet Cardiff
Discipline: immersive (using the full 3-D effect sound to reconstruct a contemporary city fiction based on in-situation experience)
Theme: flaneur in the city
Location: random places/spaces in city. The elements pictured in the voice story are mostly related to the physical space
Audience: random people who pay interest in the concept of this experiment, or as Janet describe – “women who adjust to a new city.” The audience become the flaneur in the story.