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Marie Rose Venneman

Paesaggio.Art.Landscape 2017, an art walk in the astonishing landscape around the lake of Viverone in Piemonte (IT). During the 4km walk in the landscape, there were 4 stops with each time a performance-installation. The first one, a performance-installation by Elian Smits (NL) and Gigi Piana (IT) situated in a vineyard invited the audience to watch the landscape from different point of views, by changing the audience’s sitting place, by letting it walk in a closed labyrinth and by inviting it to watch the lake through different holes and circles made in recycled material, garbage found in and around the vineyard. The different ways of placing the audience was a multiple stage organisation which made the performance very interactive and entertaining. There were also 3 different art disciplines: performing/acting when the players said a philosophical text about ‘loosing yourself’, visual art and installation. It was a lot about experiencing the landscape and its different layers. Walking a long walk of 3 hours gave an intense and meditative side to the experience. The other 3 performance-installations were equally intense and qualitative. The end of the event was a trip on a boat of 15 minutes, which gave the possibility to release and let the experience reverberate while being on the tranquile water. Trailer of the event: