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The piece I’m going to descibe is called ”entrepartidas” by brazilian group Teatro do concreto. Several stories are told during a guided ride-tour within the city. Using sometimes a bus as locomotion or simply by walking with the actors leading to the next scene. Before hand, the production told the spectactors the play would take place in a specific site, when we got there several scenes occured mingled with the passers and few people of the audience got a bit confused if the play had started of not, creating an environment of unprecadibility tha would catch the audience throughout the play. The dramaturgy of the spetacle would consider the specification of each site the group had used, as the scenograph would contribute to such thing using crafts and the city’s architecture; as squars, trees and buildings. The last scenes happened inside an ordinary habitation, like a house, using all it’s components to create the environment desired.