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Hi everyone,

thanks for all the shared material, we’re creating a very precious archive here!

I’m a performer based in Milan, Italy. My work is deeply influenced by -DOM (Leonardo Delogu / Valerio Sirna), with whom I worked in GARTEN and L’uomo che cammina (literally: The man who walks) – Milan version. Here you can read about the project:

From this show was made a movie, collectivly directed by Studio Azzurro ( https://www.studioazzurro.comm ), here a trailer:

Together with a bunch of friends I’m active in Tempi diVersi collective, which is mainly about poetry; we offer open mic in public places, we like to bring poetry and art in general (we are two actors and there are some musicians in the collective too) in the streets. We all share strong political beliefs. We do things following the pleasure of sharing experiences, staying together.

Moreover, I recently founded my collective, Praxis: we make urban performances together with inhabitants of the suburbs, trying to change the narrative journalists and politicians usually make about the neighbourhood. The public is invited to walk with us, discover the history mixed with personal stories of buildings, doors, streets, corners, shops,etc.. Here a very short trailer:

I’m also a social and community theatre operator and in the last 3 years I worked with social and community theatre centre of Turin ( ) in two international cooperation projects based in 1) Hayk and 2) Hawassa, Ethiopia. Theatre has been an effective pratice to increase awareness about different topics, such as illegal migration and plastic pollution. My actions, shortly, were leading workshops, creating shows and community events – together with local staff, local artists, with and for the local community.

Hope to share more in the future ans very happy to have some time to read all your inspirational messages!

thank you,

Paola Galassi