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Hi all!
I’m a circus student in Europe and also most of the public space art projects are from circus and street circus. I am having an incredibly hard time remembering any companies or specific shows/projects that I saw live that left a mark on me, but I’ll pop by later to add things.

One project I remember is Olohuone 306,4km2 as in “Livingroom 306,4km2” – a city art festival organised in Finland every year. The festival is turning 15 this year and even though I have never attended as a performer and truthfully kind of missed it many times, one of my favorite participatory projects is from this festival. Each year they organise a “Föri dance”, föri being a small ferry taking cyclists and pedestrians accross the river on the norhtern end of the city. On this ferry they have a band playing dance music and all travelers are encouraged to join in. I remember going back and forth about 5 times the first time I happened accross this event. For a space loving socially awkward finn dancing publicly might be terrifying, but each year they manage to make the event exciting and friendly for all.
Unfortunately all information is in finnish, but there’s a small info package of the whole festival IN HERE
and a video of the “Föri” with not so many dancers HERE