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Good Evening all from the UK!

I was a Community Arts Manager based at a High School for almost 12 years, responsible for coordinating and delivering an intergenerational art project (also registered as a charity).
I recruited Pupil Volunteers and prepared them to work as art assistants for older people in various settings in the community. The role also included providing a range of arts interventions for local primary schools – working as an artist in resdience, delivering multi-disciplinary Art Days, Summer Art Weeks and a Saturday Art Class.

In December 2018, this role came to an end and I began to delve deeper into the realm of ‘socially engaged practice / art in the public realm’ and have since initiated a umber of art interventions in response to socio-economic issues in the town where I live.

The following are just a small selection of organisations, artists and collaboratives who have inspired me to date on my journey. Thanks for sharing your stories and creative influences – looking forward to seeing how the course develops and meeting you for chats in the forum!

Stay safe, Take Care and Bye for now, Emma