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Link 1 (Shared by CarolineCaire): Dachshund UN – Bennett Miller
– Discipline: Sculpture; installation; performance (at least to the degree that animals can be said to be performing)
– Theme: It seems to me that the artwork is a send-up of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The use of dachshunds underscores the mockery, as they are distinct proportions make them look cute, silly, and, obviously, not very effective at accomplishing anything of import in the realm of human rights. Perhaps it is also meant to prompt people to reflect on how to make UNHRC and similar international bodies more consequential.
– Location: It was installed at the Place des Festivals in Montreal. I’m not sure if there’s a direct link between the location and the project, but the use of an outdoor public space does suggest an effort to invite broad mockery of the UNHRC and what it does.
– Audience: The audience is able to view, photograph, and video-record the dachshunds from behind a fence. Based on the video, the dogs have clearly captivated the audience. It’s hard to say whether the message regarding the UNHRC resonates.

Link 2 (Shared by ahmedhamed): Chalk and coal drawing of a bird – Unknown artist
– Discipline: Visual art
– Theme: The Instagram caption identifies the bird as a goose, which has mythological significance in Egyptian culture. Beyond this, I am unable to determine what the theme is.
– Location: The work appears on a wall in the neighborhood of Zeinhom, in Cairo, Egypt. Several similar works are found throughout Zeinhom, presumably by the same artist.
– Audience: There may be something of the aleatory here, as someone could pass by the drawing without seeing it.