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Hi everyone, I am En Rui – born and raised in Singapore, currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I work in the Curatorial team at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) and have a tremendous interest in supporting independent artists as well as their works, particularly within (physical) public spaces. A large focus for me in my line of work revolves around public engagement and learning.

Here are a couple of interesting works by Queensland artists (Brisbane and Gold Coast):

1. Throttle by The Farm
The work takes place on an expansive place, a showground. Audience would watch the performance in their cars and access the audio by tuning into a specific radio channel. The performers also enhance the experience by getting up close with each audience member’s vehicle

2. The Stance by Liesel Zink
This is a sound and dance durational performance which channels the history of public protest and recent acts of global action, activism and intervention. It questions what it means to put your body on the line in the fight for freedom.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to connect with these independent artists!