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Hi everyone,

My name is Lizaveta Matveeva, I’m a curator based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Public art has been one of my field interests since 2015, when I joined the team of American-Russian organization CEC ArtsLink, which runs an annual international public art festival Art Prospect. Since then I’ve taken part in 3 editions of the festival, and now we are working on the next one, which due to the coronavirus spread is postponed at least until September 2020. Besides that CEC ArtsLink also initiates exchanges as well as on-time projects, focused on socially engaged and public art. Additionally we have a residency program in St. Petersburg which hosts artists and curators preferably working in the field of socially engaged and public art.

Although I work a lot in this field, I feel that I need to constantly upgrade my knowledge, network and experience. I feel inspired by the colleagues, among them Creative Time, A Blade of Grass, No Longer Empty, V-A-C Foundation etc.

Looking forward to get to know more!