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Intr. Art Project analysis.

1st Analysis. Lilith performance Studio. (Mad for real)

The Discipline they use is performance; using the voice, text and theatrical situations.
I think they work on the topic image of the orator. You could see a politician, a seller, a friend… is a particular way of direct the act of communication; insisting, not acknowledging the other…
And they work on pushing the feeling it creats to the audience; annoyance, angriness, rejection, distance…
They place the performance in a square, not delimitating clearly the space of the performance. So, that goes against of keeping the power role of the modern orator. They are not in strong or comfortable position. They allow the other to disturb them, there acting can be bothered by anyone… That generates for the audience the feel of embarrassing for someone is been in a fragile position. Someone can attack another.
Later on, by entering in a private and more secure space (studio), it seems this relation with the audience it will disappear by the social roles but not. They already generate this empowerment and awake the primary instinct to the audience that give th permission to insult, to shut someone.
I love these moments when the control thinking loss presence and primary feelings take over, moments one you can classify the feeling and the behaviors by normal or not, good and bad. It’s just life taking over.

2on Analysis. The green chair, Will Gill.

The art discipline is Sculpture.
The theme is the confrontation between human feelings and nature. Nature as this uncontrolled powers creat and destroy beyond our intentions. You also connect with the past of time, as another power is constant in life. Power will influence and we can stop, do anything about it. All this big theme increases the minimum details and feelings. The must insignificant memory or feeling you have deep in you, it can go out just looking at this Little chair in front the vast ocean.
The audience just pass and observe the piece of art in their privacy.