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Plamen Fire Theatre

Hello everyone, please welcome the newcomer 😉 My name is Plamen (in Bulgarian it means “flame”) and it’s kind of destiny, because I’m keen of blending fire flow arts with Mime (which is my basic field of experience – I’ve graduated a Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts as theatre director, expert in non-verbal theatre). Currently I’m doing a PhD in the same Academy – my topic is “Outdoor Theatre – contemporary trends” – and for the Bulgarian theatre sector this is a break-through, because never before the outdoor theatre was recognized as a serious and worthy to explore type of art in my country. For me it is a personal cause and dedication. Together with my partner Elena (“torch” from ancient Greek) we are running since 1993 a theatre company called “FIRE THEATRE”. We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Last 11 years we are trying to develop something that we call “fire drama”. We do also a lot of different kind street shows without fire mime-dramas, performances for kids etc. 🙂 Here is a link: FIRE THEATRE Mime Company – Bulgaria . I’ll be glad to meet you, to share experiences and to learn from all of you. In the next post I’ll share also my personal inspirations 🙂 BEST and Keep the Fire burning <3