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Hi all,

My name is Jess and I work for the National Trust in Wales. We’re looking at how we can develop our creative practice across Wales from within the National Trust, and I also have a personal interest with a background in theatre. I’m particularly interested in how site-specific performance can be used as a heritage interpretation tool.

Thank you so much for all your posts! I’ll have to take some time to take a look through them.

For me, a couple of pieces come to mind (a coincidence that they have the same subject matter – it was interesting that the UK saw a huge increase in creative practice in the public sphere, particularly cities, during the 1914-1918 commemorations).

I have loved Slung Low’s work for a long time – they are a theatre company based in the North of England who make incredible work ( and have a brilliant ethos. In 2014 they co-produced ‘Blood + Chocolate’, a huge performance that took place in York. You can watch the whole show on Youtube here..

The second was ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’ (, mainly because they came to where I was working at the time and it was an incredible moving moment to witness.