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My name is Evan, I am an American circus artist currently living in Montreal, Canada. I am a graduate from the National Circus School and have since performed with companies like Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Eloize.

My exposure to public/ “open air” works is limited as the work I do comes with very technical requirements. However, I have been fortunate enough to participate as an acrobat and as an assistant director for shows that were able to include a high level of acrobatics in site-specific locations.

I was able to perform in Les Minutes Complètement Cirque at the Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque. Each year, the festival provides a 30-minute, open air, ambulatory show free to the public at and around a very central square in Downtown Montreal. It includes an installation of a gigantic metal structure on which artists perform acrobatics and is performed at night. Director Anthony Venisse has been creating these shows since the festival’s inception and over the years has proven very creative with his use of space, that being the surrounding streets and buildings of Montreal. Les Minutes Complètement Cirque Promo

Second, I was able to work as assistant to the Artistic Director for a show with Zaccho Dance Theater, a dance and aerial performance company based in San Francisco. The show I helped create, under the direction of Johanna Haigood, was called “Il Pozzo di Songo” or “Into the Well of Dreams”. Located in Wine Country, audience members followed acrobats and actors around a vineyard watching them tell a story of lovers. The public was driven in buses, taken on about a mile walk and were asked to climb a tower around a well where the final performance on an aerial ladder was given as audiences members climbed the tower to the view at the top. Excerpt “Il Pozzo di Songo”