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Kitty O

HI I’m cath, a performer and creator, all my fave arts work has been outdoors…I love walkabout, whether riding pedal-powered creations (with the marvellous Jess Rost, or with Festive Road) or conducting consultations at the GoblinDoctor Surgery (Earthlings), or mayhem-ing it up with Ailsa Mair Hughes and a maypole at the Machynlleth comedyfest. I love low-level fun, where I can really interact with people, allow at least brief conversations to develop – as such I also do pop-up performnce poetry, when relevant. For me, it’s becoming, often, about creating a temporary community, and I explored this last year with Milly Jackdaw in ‘Cauldron Tales’, an interactive promenade storytelling performance held in the woods in West Wales and ending with a fireside sharing of popcorn, stories, chats and musical jamming. Especially at the moment, it feels important to develop spaces where we can all share a common language – even if it is just gobledeygook! – laugh and talk, and occasionally encourage people to have pockets sewn onto their garments (‘Pockets of Resistance’ – Jess Rost productions). I am hoping this course inspires me to maybe think bigger and get inspired, and to question (or at least think about) the methodology and potentiality of public art…. but I am useless at technology and at creating/keeping records (too busy being in the moment!) so sorry, no links to anything here. Not yet, anyway!