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Julie Ann

Inspirational things I saw this year
Joyous Urban Mess Les Vernisseurs explore connections between visual arts and the theatre, using the street as a playground in which they interact with audiences in joyful, celebratory performances. In this spectacular performance the street becomes a playground for ‘five workers,’ who end up showering themselves and audience in confetti, ribbons and streamers.…
I liked its simplicity and the enjoyment it gave.

Crosei Traeth/ Crossing A Beach
Sleep came and locked my eyes/ And then I dreamed a marvellous world

A dance performance on Harlech beach

Margaret Morris was a dancer and she came to Harlech in 1919 to hold a summer school. Others join her in the beach-dream, amongst them film director Roman Polanski, who shot Macbeth on Black Rock sands; Meibion Glyndŵr’s incendiaries; the archangel Michael and other intriguing flying objects; and Ellis Wynne, the sleeping poet himself.
From the sands, you will see a new world, with the help of headphones and…a spying glass.

Great story telling through dance on the stunning setting of Harlech beach, the technology was used really well in this setting and delivered a very personal experience.