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The Storr was a work by Scottish landscape art collective NVA which ran for 7 weeks in 2005.

NVA’s work spanned light installation, architecture, environmental art and many other forms. They were most famous for their landscape performance works, many of which took years to plan and create.

The Storr took the form of a guided night-time walk, leading the audience halfway up a mountainside on the Isle of Skye. The work contained elements of light, sound and video installation, dance, music and storytelling. For those travelling from Central Scotland it was necessary to spend 8 hours travelling to get to Skye, before staying overnight on the island and travelling the whole way back again. Once there the show involved climbing almost 1,400 feet of hillside in the dark, guided by volunteers from the local community.

The demands involved in taking part in the work lent the whole thing an atmosphere of going on a pilgrimage – having to take several days away from your ordinary life to travel to a special, almost sacred, location and undergo a special type of experience with a small group of strangers.

More info, including a background video on the making of the work, is online at:

The Storr

NVA was established by Angus Farquhar, a member of the influential industrial music group Test Dept. According to the website ‘NVA is an acronym of ‘nacionale vita activa’, expressing the Ancient Greek ideal of a lively democracy, where actions and words shared among equals bring new thinking into the world.’