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Matt Addicott

Hello everybody!

My name is Matt, I am an artist and cultural programmer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

As an artist I direct theatre and make live performances, often in public spaces.

A work that springs to mind is Rosanna Irvine’s beautiful ‘Ah Kissing’ which I experienced as part of the Buzzcut Festival in Glasgow in 2017.

This ‘deceptively simple’ saw two large groups of individuals moving across a public space, from one side to another before meeting in the middle to kiss and then part and move off again.

Feels as though the work captures a lot of what I relish about making work in public spaces; the way it mounts creative actions in conversation with their surroundings. I enjoyed the accessibility of the work. Staged outside of a subway station in Govan there were plenty of us there specifically to see the work but many more members of the public were present that were not expecting to encounter it and it was great to see their surprise and enjoyment of the work too.

Really enjoying reading and watching some of the work that has inspired others – best wishes to you all,