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Debbie Cowley

Hi My name s Debbie and I work for Cheshire Dance based in Cheshire, which is the North West of England, UK. For the last two years (2018 & 2019) Cheshire Dance have produced Now Northwich Dance and Street Arts Festival working with local, national and international artists as well as local community groups to support the regeneration of Northwich Town Centre and bring great art into the heart of the community.

I have been hugely inspired by the opportunities that this type of work brings to artists and audiences alike and the ability it has to connect local communities and artists with international companies whose work provides spectacle and a sense of awe. Through these festivals, and by visiting Stockton International Riverside Festival in 2019, I have been inspired by the creativity and artistic integrity of large scale acts. At Now Northwich we had the pleasure of working with Saruga and Close Act two inspiring companies. At SIRF, a more established festival I witnessed how the programming could challenge audiences and how the important role of audience development informed curation and programming.