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Hi everyone,

My name is Evie Price and I’m a fine art student at Central Saint Martins in London.

I think I was first properly immersed and completely inspired by participatory public art/community-based art during a workshop at university. The artist teaching lead us on silent walks around the area my uni is in and took us to many different public spaces all over London where we explored what it meant to us to be public and how we can use these spaces as studio/gallery/artworks. I now work with this artist as part of a collective called The Dazzle Club. We explore surveillance in public space through silent walks

Art Works/artists of interest:
Anne Imhof, Faust.
Tania Bruguera, Tatlin’s Whisper #5.
AiR, Packington.
Spencer Tunick, Naked World.
Miranda Shall, Crossed Paths – Sheep.