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Hi everyone,

my name is Aaron Bowman (ajdbowman on twitter) and I work for Hartlepool Borough Council in the North East of England. As part of my rule, I am the programmer, producer and events manager for a range of Civic events, as well as two emerging festivals –

Hartlepool Waterfront Festival –
as well as a Hartlepool Halloween Parade

I am interested in the places where contemporary outdoor arts meets ‘community’ art, for want of a better phrase, and am passionate about works that celebrate, develop and encourage our audiences to imagine a better future for themselves.

There are too many artists and companies to name them all, but my absolute favourite are Periplum, who we commisioned alongside our colleagues in the Tees Valley, to celebrate 100 years since the first women were granted the right to vote with a large-scale outdoor piece called ‘The Glass Ceiling’.