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Hi everyone,

My name is Gian Marco Russo and I’m a post-graduate History of Art student at the University of Bologna, Italy.
Despite my main interests are related to visual arts and material culture in Early Modern Europe, I also like to keep up with the contemporary discourse. My main interests in this regard are the relationships between the body and the arts (in particular how artists represent the body in order to investigate their relations to gender and identity), the relationships between the arts and the post-colonial discourse and of course the creation of art in the public space.
Some relatively recent examples of art created in the public space which inspired me are William Kentridge’s ensemble at via Toledo in Naples, Olu Oguibe’s “Monument for strangers and refugees” (created for documenta 14 in Kassel), last but not least the collective project on Naoshima island in Japan.

Thank you all for this journey,
Gian Marco.