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Hello everyone, my name is Natalia and I am from Lima-Perú. I would like to share with you a very lovely project that I am proud to be part of the last 4 years . This is a theater festival that is called FITECA – Festival Internacional de Teatro en Calles Abiertas (International theater festival at open streets), a participatory creative process that takes place in a slum neighbourhood here in Lima known as “La Balanza” at Comas district in the northside of Lima since 2001 and let me tell you it is outstanding. As most of latinamerican cities, Lima is very unequal and the urban marginality makes people live in poor conditions. However, FITECA motto is that poverty is not an excuse for a sad living, so let’s transform the slum into a creative neighbourhood: Hacer de la calle un verso y del barrio un hermoso poema, “to make each street a verse and our neighbourhood a beautiful poem”. So the aim is to combat sterotypes about the slums and demostrate that its people can be creative dreamers and art makers too, and this brings up a sense of social justice. The festival is a 7 day cultural programme that includes public presentations of theatrical performaces, circus, music, workshops, live mural painting etc, alll of these enhance concepts like community, andean identity, memory and art for social transformation.

Despite the lack of economic resourses, the organization of the festival had stablished a dynamic of solidarity trades with national and international scenic artists, mural artists, different cultural projects and even committed neighboors that all together get ahead the festival, along with so many volunteers from differents careers that offers their work selflessly (architects, musicians, painters, photographers, etc). It gathers nearly 700 artist for the inaugural parade and more than 200 international artists that arrives to stay here 24/7. For example, international artists are hosted in neighbour’ houses allowing a very interesting cultural exchange that wouldn’t be possible if the visitors stayed in a hotel.

Here some links about FITECA:


#PASACALLE¡Pasacalles en la FITECA 2020! Maravillosas vivencias, alegrías y sueños cumplidos en nuestros recorridos por los cerros comeños 🔥🔥🔥

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