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I am Deb, based near Manchester in the UK and I am currently a Freelance Arts Consultant/Manager & Producer. I have 28 years experience of working in the arts, largely in performing arts & in particular dance.

In a previous role, I set up Urban Moves International Dance Festival in 2005, which presented professional dance performances outdoors & in unusual spaces which ran till 2014 and had 5 full editions, presenting around 60 performances across a weekend. I have also commissioned & presented a number of performances for the outdoors and for public spaces such as libraries & galleries by both professionals & community participants. Some examples of the festival are at the following links:

Arts in outdoor and public spaces remains close to my heart due to its democracy & breadth of public engagement, the international market & its ability to transform a familiar landscape & bring our attention to things we have never noticed before.

At this moment of change in life, I am intrigued by what this course will offer in terms of new inspiration & direction