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Vertical Kate

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I want to share this work I made with students of Circomedia in Bristol as it had a very big effect on me as a choreographer and I’m really grateful to the students for their fortitude and determination in completing this incredibly challenging project. MOOC have showed video of the second performance of this work in Worthing, so I wanted to show the first performance on the historic cranes of Bristol docks. The reason is because the two sites are so different. The first performance was is the pouring rain, with hardly any audience. The performers were given the choice to cancel but they really wanted to do it. I was somewhere else, working on another project but the students got their friends to film it so I could see it and I created this little film to document it. The work is inspired by the angels in the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire. The idea that there are spirits watching over us and that at a specific moment they come down to earth to be among us – we might notice them or not. Once they land on earth they disappear into the crowd, slipping into the ‘infra-ordinary’ (Pascal Le Brun-Cordier). I really felt that the work was discreet at Bristol Docks because no one looked up because of the rain. In Worthing, in contrast, the sun was shining and the audience gathered some distance away to watch. Very, very different performances of the same idea. If you look at both you can see how different the spaces are.