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Mandy Dike

Hello there,
Mandy Dike here,
i am an outdoor artist with a company called AndNow:
very many outdoor works have inspired me, all the work…. particularly the early work of Welfare State International… the Engineers of the imagination .

.Also in the past …. hugely inspiring The dutch company Dogtroep…..
The walkabout of Incubus theatre at the Albion Fairs back in the day
Theatre Titanic, and IOU…. i cant find links but will search and post .

more recently:
Walley Range Allstars

Rosemary Lees dance in the tree catedral in Milton Keynes, it was not free, but beautiful///
Some of IIliotpes imagery on water

There is so much inspiring work, long may it continue, all power to the collective creative elbow