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Ian Abbott

Hello everyone, I’m Ian Abbott, a writer & producer who works in dance, theatre & performance and lives in Wales. Having been a programmer & director of a dance festival previously I have had the fortune to see a lot of work. These are some of the works & outdoor communal experiences that have stuck with me for their intimacy, exhilaration & asking us to look at the world differently:

Bodies in Urban Spaces (2009) in London by Cie Willi Dorner –
I programmed it four years later in 2013 in Bournemouth

The Company of Wolves (2014) by Burn The Curtain in Totnes. It was an outdoor, night time adventure for runners and walkers inspired by the Angela Carter novel.

Rider Spoke (2009) by Blast Theory in Liverpool.

Is This A Wasteland (2017) by Charlotte Spencer Projects in Glasgow.