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– The discipline: what artistic disciplines are featured: broadly speaking the work was initially referred to as Community arts practice/disciplines in the 1970-80’s before the term “outdoor arts” developed in its own right in the UK in the 1990’s- millenium
– The theme: are you able to guess what the project is about based on the document? the themes varied as this wasn’t a specific piece but generally the themes where local and geographically political or sensitive relevent to local audiences/participants.
– The location: how would you describe the location of the performance? Does there seem to be a link between the location and what the artistic project is about? Were elements added by the artist? The locations where often urban,city or town centric public/civic spaces often related to anniversaries or celebrations or creating new myths or legends- appropriate to communities who didn’t have a voice or where unrecognised in this way by society or civic institutes. There where also many projects in landscapes and large spaces that created an intervention and response or reaction to the area/field or location to amaze and transform the way audience/participants saw the space- often a pre-curser to re-imaging a space as a result of industrial or economic decline or following a growth in Culture as a tool for regeneration from 1990 through to millennium as city of culture movements emerged.
– The audience: how is the audience arranged? Does it seem to have a role in the performance? What kinds of relationships can be observed between the artistic work and the audience? WSI audiences where voyeurs of often intimate or large scale spectacles, this may also be interspersed with roles in performance- joining in singing or mass movement etc. Participants where often audience also particularly within parade and lantern work when people created their own costumes, lamterns props etc. and participated within a carnival or parade and also appreciated and where audiences to others work- interchanging relationships and often immersive participation where families and participants become lost in the moment.