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Sally Mann

This is a double cyr wheel created as a ship wreck and operated by two performers that navigate its way through urban space after which the public follow and speaks of post-apocalyptic love story’, The Wheel House is an acrobatic promenade show, which unfolds inside and around a circular set as it rolls with the audience walking alongside.

An enchanting story set in a dystopian future, at a time where survival relies on sharp eyes, quick hands, and above all, friendship. Join these traveller- gatherers on the road to nowhere: treading lightly, enduring quietly, and always, always moving onwards.

The discipline is acrobatic circus and theatricalise duo, it is an epic story, post-apocalyptic. A love story that intertwines a universal story of love and negotiation of the relationship with each other and space.

The location is along public highways, public spaces and urban locations. It is not about location it is about human relations in a dystopian world.

It is a promenade performance in which the audience follows the emergent narrative of the relationship. The audience does not interact with the performance, it is a self contained world.

The audience observes this world as if from a distance observing the relationship unfolding, it seems like a durational performance but isn’t, The audience enjoys the exquisite details of the work and its absurdity and ingenuity.