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Amy McCarthy

I have been making art myself in public spaces for over a decade and there is so many inspirational works it is hard to know what to choose – as all of your suggestions show too!
However, I first visited Parc Gruel in Barcelona when I at Art College and the flow of the forms and structures of the park and the colourful mosaic really inspired me. The way Gaudi created a magical space away from the pressures of the city, although in the heart of Barcelona and the scale of the work have always struck a cord with me and I have returned to the city and the park several times since.

At the other end of the scale, I visited Athens for the first time this year and I was blown away by the graffiti art all over the city. Large scale, beautifully executed, often political, but never dogmatic and on every wall space. I hope my instagram link with work to some images

Looking forward to the course