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Kamchàtka Theatre Company · itinerant street theatre / site specific: is an artist collective of diverse nationalities and disciplines who’s members first met in Barcelona, Spain, in 2006.

From public outdoor space in Kamchàtka to the intimate interior space in Habitaculum, the third show, Fugit, represents the summing up of its investigation on space.

Fugit blends the commonly shared and the most intimate personal: the public and the private. A show in movement, a street show, itinerant, rewritten on location, be it rural or urban. With three parallel itineraries and a joint beginning and ending.

Using the same characters as always, the same timeless immigrants, the group focus its artistic investigation on the idea of flight / running away. A suggestive and evocative flight where to exist, we will need solidarity from our neighbours and travel mates and to get rid of the excess and the absurdity which nowadays seems fundamental in our life.

Fugit | Kamchàtka Theatre Company | ‘Oficial Video’