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Hi all!

This is Diana Coca from Mallorca (living in Cataluña), great meeting you online! Here is a bit more about myself if you are curious about it,, But anyway, some of my favorite works on public space are done by Mexican artists, I admire them a lot by working in a difficult context of violence, they are a big and intense inspiration for my work.

1) Mónica Mayer, ‘El tendedero (The clothesline)’, reenacted many times over the years in different cities across America. This work is about women harassment in public space and transport in Mexico City. The micro-stories of street harassment are collected in the ‘clothesline’. Each person writes their experience on paper, hanging them as if they were clothes. After living in Mexico for many years, I can relate and feel total empathy for this work:

2) Rocío Bolíver / La Conjelada De Uva (2012), Tijuana / San Diego. The Frozen Grape swung with a 10 m crane, flying over the border to the USA, showing them their asses and farting. It’s just hilarious and really funny way of dealing with this huge humanitarian problem with borders between the northern and southern hemisphere:

3) Lorena Wolffer, Soy totalmente de hierro (I’m totally iron)’ (2000), Mexico City, in collaboration with Martín Vargas & Mónica Martínez. Through ten billboards placed in different parts of the city, this counter campaign sought to question and answer the female stereotypical representations adopted by the advertising campaign ‘I am Totally Palacio (I am Totally Palace)’ – from the departmental store ‘El Palacio de Hierro (The Iron Palace’)’ – and by many others that break into the urban environment. The works used antagonistic rhetoric and opposed to those used in ‘Soy Totally Palacio (Soy Totally Palace)’, thus generating an alternate “advertising” space that invited the analysis of the intricate ways in which society — through one of its most forceful and revealing means – build and manipulate our notions of femininity. Text by Lorena Wolffer in her web:

/Users/dianacoca/Desktop/el problema es que pienses que mi cuerpo te pertecene lorena wolffer.jpg


/Users/dianacoca/Desktop/lo curioso es que creas que puedes controlar mi imagen lorena wolffer.jpg

/Users/dianacoca/Desktop/quien te enseña como ser mujer lorena wolffer.jpg

This images are from the original campaign from ‘Palacio de Hierro’:

/Users/dianacoca/Desktop/Blogg 1.jpg

/Users/dianacoca/Desktop/Blogg 5.jpg

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