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Szabihíd is a non-profit cultural event, an occasion for the pedestrian use of the Liberty Bridge. Its aim is to bring people closer to urban spaces, to their city and to the river that runs through it, and uncover the opportunities lying in our public spaces.

With collaboration of The Municipality of Budapest, VALYO (Város és Folyó – City and River) reopens the Liberty brige for the pedestrian use for 4 summer weekends.

The Szabihíd Project continued in 2018 as well. Now it became a routine for city-dwellers to take over the bridge. It became natural to use the bridge as a public space. People enjoyed the freedom of Szabihíd lounging in the hammocks both provided by Valyo and brought by themselves. They organized sporting events, dance performances, yoga classes, parties. The Szabihíd Project irrevocably became a part of Budapest