Artistic and technical recognition

Whatever the project or location, recognition always includes two aspects: an artistic component, which involves finding the location that best suits the intention of the project, and a technical approach to ensure that the location selected corresponds with the project’s technical requirements and that it is possible to obtain the authorisation and permits required to use it.

Artistic recognition can be broken down into:

– static recognition focused on the form and geographical qualities of a place

– dynamic recognition analysing the characteristic flows associated with a location, and particularly the flow of pedestrians, public transport, vehicles or even animals.

– “symbolic” recognition of a site, which focuses on the immaterial qualities of a place – its history, memory, dynamics of change and potentially any socio-political challenges. All these aspects can have a positive or negative impact on how a work is received.

– technical recognition involves identifying access and exit routes, anticipating population flows and analysing access to utilities (water and electricity). All these aspects will need to be defined before applying for temporary site use.