Publié le 21 April 2020 dans News of the MOOC

> Today (April 21) at 5pm French Time (UTC+2)

Public space and politics in Hungary

In Hungary, under the present political regime, if an artist or a festival intends to create in public space, they have to relate to an over-politicized public realm which is one of the most important platforms of the political propaganda of the government. On the other hand, Hungarian operators have to face different obstacles to accessing public spaces.

Fanni Nanáy will give some examples of how Hungarian public spaces have been changing during the past 9 years, in line with the political agenda of the authoritarian government. Together with the artivist Zoltán Várady, she will question the different strategies of artists and cultural professionals  to face this reality. 

Participants : 

Fanni Nanáy, Artopolis and PLACCC festival, Budapest (HU), 

Zoltán Várady, Hungarian Two Tailed Dog Party, Budapest (HU).

> Program of the following webinars

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“How to transform a small city into a whole theater. Behind the scenes of FiraTàrrega; moving from thought and ideas to production.”

During this webinar, team members of FiraTàrrega will present and reflect upon their work with the city :  How to transform a small city into a whole theater? What for? And how to proceed to make this happen?

Participants (tbc): Anna Giribet i Argilès, Artistic Director, FiraTàrrega and Mike Ribalta,  Head of professional area, FiraTàrrega (ES)


IN SITU Talk #4: Tuesday 5 May

Participants: James Moore, Artistic Director, Østfold Internasjonale Teater (Norway)
Alexandros Mistriotis, artist (Greece)