Publié le 23 April 2020 dans News of the MOOC

> Tuesday April 28 at 5pm French Time (UTC+2)

How to transform a small city into a whole theater.
Behind the scenes of FiraTàrrega

During this webinar, team members of FiraTàrrega will present and reflect upon their work with the city :  How to transform a small city into a whole theater? What for? And how to proceed to make this happen?

Participants :
Mike Ribalta, Head of professional area, and Maria Capell , assistant of artistic department, FiraTàrrega (Spain)

> Program of the following webinars

IN SITU Talk #4: Tuesday 5 May

Participants: James Moore, Artistic Director, Østfold Internasjonale Teater (Norway)
Alexandros Mistriotis, artist (Greece)