The last week is online!

Publié le 30 September 2019 dans News of the MOOC

This fourth week will be dedicated to the public: what place for this one? Is there a specific way to address the public in unusual places? What is the point of a mediation?

We also will invite you to think about it through a webinar, an interactive and live conference, organized by the FAI-AR with the Master Performing Public Space (Tilburg, Netherlands):

Wednesday, October 2

from 12:30 to 13:30 (GMT + 2)

free access from our site.

The various speakers will ask questions about ethics in participatory projects. Throughout the session you will be able to comment and ask questions on a chat. The webinar will begin with 35 minutes of presentation and will continue with a 25-minute discussion, fed by your remarks and questions.

Do not forget, you are nearly 2000 registered from around 100 different countries! So, exchange, discuss, post on the forum and discover the artistic horizons of the other participants!

 Are you ready ? Let’s go for week 4!