Until December 9 !

Publié le 7 October 2019 dans News of the MOOC

The entire course is now available!

We hope you have enjoyed to explore every monday a new topic. You are almost 2000 participants from 100 countries! Thank you for your enthusiasm, your participation and your commitment!

If you have not finished, don’t worry! You have now until December 9, 2019 to watch the videos, to discover all the ressources, to work on your project with the activities or to post on the forum.

Have you completed all lessons? Congratulations! We hope the MOOC provided you with renewed references, theoretical bases and artistic inspirations! Please, share the MOOC with your friends and colleagues, they still have time to live the same experience!

Watch the recording webinar

On the 2nd of October, we proposed a webinar, interactive and live conference, to discuss the theme: Ethics in participatory projects.

During this webinar, a selection of speakers from the Master Performing Public Space presented their vision of “the place of the public” with a focus on the ethics and responsibility of the artist. This conference have been registered and you can watch it now any time.