The last week is online!

Publié le 30 September 2019 dans News of the MOOC

This fourth week will be dedicated to the public: what place for this one? Is there a specific way to address the public in unusual places? What is the point of a mediation? We also will invite you to think about it through a webinar, an interactive and live conference, organized by the FAI-AR with […]

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The third week is online!

Publié le 23 September 2019 dans News of the MOOC

We’re already halfway through the MOOC. What did you think of this week dedicated to dramaturgy in public space? Our community is growing a little more each day: we are now over 1800! The artistic references and works shared on the forums are more inspiring than the other. So, if it’s not already done, go […]

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The second week is online !

Publié le 16 September 2019 dans News of the MOOC

One week ago, you were around 1000 participants: we’re happy to say that you’re now more than 1 700, from all over the world! Many of you have completed the first week courses and shared your ideas and inspirations on the forum. We can’t tell how stimulating it is to read you and find out […]

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The first week is online!

Publié le 9 September 2019 dans News of the MOOC

On the program : A preamble including some technical tips to easily browse throughout the MOOC and an international overview of creation in public space. You are more than 1000 registered from more than fifty different countries! So do not hesitate to share your experiences on the forum, explore those of other participants or start […]

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