Join us for the first IN SITU talk!

Publié le 7 April 2020 dans News of the MOOC

> Next Tuesday(April 14) at 5pm (UTC+2 – French Time)

Leaders of Freedom Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival come together to talk about their festivals and the history of street arts and outdoor arts in the UK.  They focus on how their programmes are shaped by the artists they work with, the cities they call home, and the audiences they attract.  In discussion, they consider the challenges of the future including audience development, diversity and difference, and environmental change.


Mikey Martins, Artistic Director and Joint Chief Executive (Freedom Festival, UK), 

Mark Denbigh, Head of Production and Programme (Norfolk & Norwich Festival, UK), 

Daniel Brine, Artistic Director and Chief Executive (Norfolk & Norwich Festival, UK)

> IN SITU Talks, what is it?

Throughout the MOOC, you are discovering dozens of artistic projects supported by IN SITU: a network of international programmers passionate about arts in the public space.

IN SITU talks are a series of 4 online encounters that will give you the chance to meet some of the IN SITU members around the issue : 

How do European curators connect with the society? With which aims, dreams and processes?

Each Tuesday at 5pm (UTC+2 / check equivalences here) from April 14th on and until May 5th. In solo or duet, they will present their strategies toward their political landscape, cities and inhabitants.

All webinars will be recorded and broadcasted HERE.