A webinar is a live, interactive video session. Create in public space webinars are moderated and presented in English, with live translation to French when possible. Attendance is free. All along the session, participants are allowed to comment and ask questions through a tchat box.
each webinar last around 1 hour, generally divided into 40/45 minutes of presentation and 15/20 minutes of discussion based on participants remarks and questions.
You couldn’t attend the live sessions? All webinars are recorded and published on this page.

IN SITU Talks, Spring 2020

Throughout the MOOC, you are discovering dozens of artistic projects supported by IN SITU: a network of international programmers passionate about arts in the public space. IN SITU talks are a series of 4 online encounters that give you the chance to meet some of the IN SITU members around the issue

How do European curators connect with the society? With which aims, dreams and processes?

Each Tuesday at 5pm French hour (UTC+2) (check equivalences here)
from April 14th on and until May 5th, 
in solo or duet, they presented their strategies toward their political landscape, cities and inhabitants.

IN SITU Talks are over for now, but all recording and support documents are available here below!

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The Reception is a four and a half hour artistic urban walk for up to 15 participants in the town of Moss, Norway, first staged in September 2018. The walk is special in that nothing is staged. Rather, the stage is the mind of the audience, with Mistriotis using the city itself to weave a series of stories, reflections, and readings. Østfold Internasjonale Teater curator-producer James Moore and artist Alexandros Mistriotis will discuss their collaborative process to research, develop, and implement the walk, which was premised upon Mistriotis’ work of the same name in his hometown of Athens, Greece. The framework for the undertaking was the question: Is it possible to create something similar in a place Mistriotis had never visited?

The work required a close cooperation that stretched across and between five residency periods beginning in June of 2017. In a conversation moderated by Marine Thevenet, Moore and Mistriotis will discuss their practices prior to the commission, the context in the provincial towns of Moss and Fredrikstad, and their process, methodology, and activities that engaged a variety of local inhabitants in order to develop the work. They will also reflect upon how they each have benefited through their ongoing collaboration.

To know more about this project before watching the replay, watch the Reception presentation video.

During this webinar, team members of FiraTàrrega presented and reflected upon their work with the city :  How to transform a small city into a whole theater? What for? And how to proceed to make this happen?

Participants :
Mike Ribalta, Head of professional area, FiraTàrrega (Spain)
Maria Capell , assistant of artistic department, , FiraTàrrega (Spain)

Watch the recording and download the support documents

In Hungary, under the present political regime, if an artist or a festival intends to create in public space, they have to relate to an over-politicized public realm which is one of the most important platforms of the political propaganda of the government. On the other hand, Hungarian operators have to face different obstacles to accessing public spaces..

Fanni Nanáy gave some examples of how Hungarian public spaces have been changing during the past 9 years, in line with the political agenda of the authoritarian government. Together with the artivist Zoltán Várady, she questionned the different strategies of artists and cultural professionals  to face this reality. 

Participant (to be confirmed):
Fanni Nanáy, Artopolis and PLACCC festival, Budapest (HU)
Zoltán Várady, Hungarian Two Tailed Dog Party, Budapest (HU)

Watch the recording and download the PDF presentations of Fanni Nanay and Zoltan Varady

Leaders of Freedom Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival come together to talk about their festivals and the history of street arts and outdoor arts in the UK.  They focus on how their programmes are shaped by the artists they work with, the cities they call home, and the audiences they attract.  In discussion, they consider the challenges of the future including audience development, diversity and difference, and environmental change.

Mikey Martins, Artistic Director and Joint Chief Executive, Freedom Festival, Hull (UK)
Mark Denbigh, Head of Production and Programme, Norfolk & Norwich Festival (UK)
Daniel Brine, Artistic Director and Chief Executive, Norfolk & Norwich Festival

Watch the recording!
Free – Only available in english

FAI-AR and Master program Performing Public Space hosted a live webinar on
the ethics of participatory projects.

During this live webinar, some panellists of the master Performing Public Space present their views on “the place of audiences”, focusing on ethics and responsibility of the artist.

Watch the recording!
Free – Only available in english


Heleen de Hoon (moderator) director of studies, Master Performing Public Space, Fontys Arts University
David Limaverde teacher, Master program Performing Public Space, Fontys Arts University
Jan Staes director of studies Master Arts Education, Fontys Arts University

Hosted by FAI-AR and Master program Performing Public Space (Fontys Arts University, Tillburg, The Netherlands) – www.fontys.edu/publicspace

The new international Master Performing Public Space (PPS) is designed for international creatives from a variety of art disciplines, who currently focus on public space as their artistic environment. This one-year blended-learning program (online/on-campus) is breaking new ground in investigating public space as a backdrop for artistic expression and intervention. Creatives with a background in theatre, dance, circus, music, fine arts, architecture, digital arts and graphic design are welcome to join this program. Individual coaching, paired with 24/7 access to the online learning platform, together with on-site Bootcamps held in Tilburg, the Netherlands, make every student part of a creative international community.