FAI-AR and Master program Performing Public Space hosted a live webinar on
the ethics of participatory projects.

Watch the recording!
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A webinar is a live, interactive video session. This webinar is moderated and presented in English. Attendance is free. All along the session, participants were allowed to comment and ask questions through a tchat box.
This webinar is divided into 35 minutes of presentation and 25 minutes of discussion based on participants remarks and questions.

You didn’t attend the live session? The webinar is recorded and published on this page.

During this live webinar, some panellists of the master Performing Public Space present their views on “the place of audiences”, focusing on ethics and responsibility of the artist. They mainly discuss artistic interventions in public space that take place outside of the programmed context such as street art festivals, considering the unexpected but also unplanned performances.

What if there is no program, there is no outreach or public relations, but there is only the artist and their work in public space?  And what if we assume there is no planned audience and that we have very limited control on the audience that is part of the artistic work as spectator or participant (and everything in between).

The key points that are presented in the webinar are:
– Audience : who do we consider audience in public space? How does building a (sustainable) relationship with an audience or community work? How inclusive can an artistic work in public space be?
– Ownership : can a public space be claimed for an artistic intervention? How is this negotiated? Who owns the space where the artistic intervention takes place? How does the relation between artist and audience develop considering ownership?

Jean-Sébastien Steil, FAI-AR director

Camille Fourès, project manager at FAI-AR

Heleen de Hoon (moderator) director of studies, Master Performing Public Space, Fontys Arts University
Heleen is a theatre practioner and dramaturge. She is a member of the artistic council of Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art, where she has been teaching practical and theoretical courses since 2011. She has also been active as a director for circus street performances at Oerol festival. Heleen specializes in artistic research, with a focus on the interaction between performer and audience.

David Limaverde teacher, Master program Performing Public Space, Fontys Arts University
Amsterdam-based, Brazilian-born art educator, participatory performance artist, and researcher. His interests are in art-activism, socially engaged performance, participatory art methodologies and transversal themes of collective authorship, collaboration, relational practices and civic participation.
David has a background in Physical Theatre, holds an MA in International Performance Research from The University of Amsterdam, and a Ph.D. in Arts and Education from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, where he is a guest lecturer. He is a member of the OT301 association – where he facilitates community art projects through Home of Participation, as well as part of a few LGBTQ+ and art education organizations such as InSEA.

Jan Staes director of studies Master Arts Education, Fontys Arts University
Jan Staes is head of studies at Fontys University of the Arts and artistic researcher and lecturer at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp. He worked a dramaturg with may professional theatre companies in Belgium and is currently still member of the advisory committee on dance for the Flemish government.
Before working at Fontys, he was the director of the cultural unit, department of education in Flanders and intendant youth, culture and education policy at the city of Antwerp.

Hosted by FAI-AR and Master program Performing Public Space (Fontys Arts University, Tillburg, The Netherlands) – www.fontys.edu/publicspace

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